Fragrances for the Home
Everyone needs beauty as well as bread,
places to play in and pray in, where nature
may heal and cheer and give strength to
body and soul alike.  
~ John Muir
These are the fragrances most commonly used in our Home Fragrance products.   
Keep in mind that all of our fragrances can be added to any of our
Bath & Body,
Personal Fragrance and Home Fragrance products - it's completely up to you!

Asian Spice (Pier One Type):  Spicy and supremely exotic.  Our version is a complex fusion of
clove leaf, pine nuts and camphor gently blended with jasmine and violet, with just a hint of cedar and
patchouli to add depth.  The end result is warm, smooth and incredibly sensuous.   

Bamboo Sugar Cane (Trapp Candle Type):  A fantastic "Spring in a Bottle" blend of Lime,
Musk, Lemongrass, Vanilla.  Fantastically fresh, clean, and green, with just a touch of sweetness to
give it universal appeal.  Makes it a phenomenal home fragrance!

Bourbon Vanilla (Henri Bendel Type):  Our interpretation of the incredibly popular Henri
Bendel Home fragrance.  An enticing aromatic blend of Vanilla, Cedarwood, Musk, Lemon.  This
fragrance is inviting and home-y with an unexpected “twist”.

Burmese Wood (Trapp Candle Type):  Exotic.  Sultry.  Intense.  Warm.  Mysterious.  Hypnotic.  
Seductive.  Rich.  This perfect duplicate of the original is all of that and more.  Cedar, Patchouli, Amber
and Musk are combined to create a magnificent and unique fragrance.     

Caribbean Therapy (Aveda Type):  The folks at Aveda are experts when it comes to relaxing,
soothing fragrances, and this is no exception.  Our version blends the comforting aromas of
Caribbean lime, amyris, bay leaf and vetiver to embrace you in the warmth of the tropics.

Clean (DLish Type):  Combines black currant, essential oil of lime, and lemon oil from Italy with
rose, jasmine, pink grapefruit, geranium, violet, white musk, and soft woods.  A marvelous home
fragrance - refreshing without being overpowering.

Clean Cotton (Yankee Candle Type):  A fresh, clean cotton blossom type inspired by spring
breezes and line-dried sheets.  Subtle citrus top notes lead to a sweet floral middle of apple blossom
and geranium, with soft amber, jasmine, and musk in the bottom.

Citron et Figue:  This rich blend begins with pure essential oils of lemon and orange with ginger,
apple, geranium, real rose and green tea absolutes, and a touch of mint.  The drydown consists of fig,
spice, amber, and white musk.  Perfect and very natural.

Citrus Cilantro (Pier One Type):  A summery blend of Lemon, Cilantro, Cut Grass, Green Tea.  
This is a perfect herbal-clean scent, not too sweet, not too citrus-y.  Remarkably fresh yet not at all
obvious.  It’s the kind of fragrance that will leave people wondering what smells SO darn good!

Eucalyptus (Yankee Candle Type):  A fantastically clean fragrance to waken the senses!  
Fresh eucalyptus oil is perfectly tempered with a touch of citrus and ozone.  This is not an eye-watering
eucalyptus; instead it is warm and fresh and perfect for clean, herbal fragrance lovers.

Eucalyptus Spearmint (Bath & Body Works Type):  Eucalyptus essential oil clears the
mind to improve concentration, while uplifting Spearmint essential oil helps the mind to focus.  A
refreshing, relaxing blend that is sure to be one of the "things that make you go mmmmmmmm...."!

Fig Leaf (Henri Bendel Type):  Juicy, indulgent and richly aromatic, combining the scent of the
sun-ripened fruit with that of its woodsy leaves, plus touches of sweet jasmine, spicy anise, and
sensual sandalwood.

First Rain (Pier One type):  A perfect duplication of the Pier One bestseller.  A fresh, clean blend
of orange, lemon, white jasmine, lily of the valley, geranium and musk.

Fresh Aloe:  An amazingly clean and unisex fragrance.  Top notes of pear, apple, ylang ylang, rose
and aloe vera lead to an herbal-floral middle of lavender, violet, lilac, jasmine and natural lavandin,
atop a bottom of musk, vanilla, cove and cedarwood essential oils.  

Fresh Linen (Yankee Candle Type):  Smells like freshly washed sheets hung outdoors to
dry. Clean, airy top notes give way to a floral heart of jasmine, rose, orange blossom, and ylang ylang,
all anchored by balsam and precious woods. Wonderful when used as a Room & Linen Spray!

Fresh Mint (Yankee Candle Type):  A realistic, perfect mint fragrance, not sweet or "candy
like" at all – it literally smells like just-picked mint leaves.  The combination of Spearmint, Peppermint,
and Ginger make this a fantastically FRESH fragrance!

Ginger Essence (Origins Type):  Savory and spicy notes of ginger are enhanced by lemon,
black currant, and nutmeg, leading to a floral jasmine-led middle and balanced by a sweet, smooth
dry down of white musk and amber.  This is a warm and inviting scent for the body and the home.  

Ginger Peach (Pier One Type):  An amazing blend of vanilla, peach, ginger and spice.  I loved
the Pier One original and this, to me, smells exactly like it.  Sweet without being overly so, spicy without
being manly, with just enough vanilla to make it feel home-y.  A great year-round home fragrance.  

Green Tea:  This is NOT an overpowering perfume, but rather the remarkably fresh and herbal
scent of green tea.  A light, lively scent that is fresh and unexpected.  Excellent as a home fragrance!

Honey & Propolis (L’Occitane Type):  A subtle and warm scent that blends the soothing
notes of honey, with warm propolis, fresh floral blossoms and natural green notes.   The sweet smell
of honey, only better!

Island Orchard (Pier One type):  A yummy tropical mix of white quince flowers and tropical
fruits such as pineapple, mango and papaya.  A fresh-from-the-fields aroma that is perfect for any
room, any time!

Lavender Amber (L’Occitane Type):  This fragrance perfectly captures the warmth of an
embrace.  Amber, the exotic scent of the Orient, is combined with the comfort of French lavender to
create a subtle and soothing fragrance. Makes a phenomenal Room & Linen Spray. This is one of my
absolute must-haves when I travel – the first thing I do is mist our hotel room and linens, and I
instantly feel at “home”.

Lavender Sage:  This blend of Lavender, Sage, and Basil infuses your home with the warmth of
the French countryside.  Lavender calms and relaxes while Sage eases tension and uplifts the spirit.  
Pure, simple and very clean-smelling.

Lemongrass Verbena (Trapp Candle Type):  A perfectly clean, refreshing blend of Lemon,
Lemongrass and Verbena.  Similar to the L'Occitane Type Lemon Verbena, but this one is softer and
more "green".  If you love the citrus freshness of Lemon-y scents and want something with just a little
lemon and a lot of FRESH, this one is perfect.

Mediterranean Fig (Trapp Candle Type):  This blend of Fig, Amber, Sandalwood, and
lemon is luscious and deeply satisfying.  The fig adds a touch of "sweetness" without being
overwhelming.  The overall effect is surprisingly soft and sensual.  

Mint & Lime:  I cannot get enough of this scent!!!  If you have ever wonder what F-R-E-S-H smells
like, this is it.  A lively and compelling blend of crisp spearmint and fresh squeezed lime.  Makes a
fantastic home fragrance.  This is our all-time best-selling fragrance during the spring and summer.

Olive & Herbs (L'Occitane Type):  Olive, Lemon, Lime, Lavender are combined to make this
fresh, clean scent.  This is a natural blend that appeals to both men and women, and makes for an
incredibly warm, opulent home fragrance.

Sage & Citrus (Yankee Candle Type):  A delightful combination of herbs and citrus, with
strong top notes of lemon complementing the sage.  The warmth of the sage and coolness of the
citrus make this a perfect home fragrance year-round!

Stress Relief (Bath & Body Works Type):  Top notes of peppermint and spearmint reduce
fatigue and increase mental alertness.  Essential oils of lavender, clary sage, and juniperberry are
calming and uplifting to the spirit.  Additional notes include laurel leaf, coriander, mandarin, and
menthol. A warm and woody drydown is created from amber, sandalwood, jasmine, clove, and pine
needle.  Bottom line: This scent will calm the body and soul.  

Twisted Peppermint (Bath & Body Works Type):  Crisp, refreshing peppermint with a
touch of sweetness to it, like those ever-popular round red-and-white candies.  Makes a fantastic
home fragrance and gift (hint: soy tarts!) around the holidays.

Tuscan Herb (Pier One Type):  One whiff of this scent will transport you to Tuscany!  This was
one of my personal favorites from Pier One and I am thrilled to be able to offer an exact duplication of
this fragrance to you!  Our version combines tomato blossoms, fresh red currants, leafy greens and
Italian basil with underlying tones of earth and sandalwood.  If you love fresh, herbal fragrances, you
simply MUST try this amazing blend.  

Vanilla Flower (Henri Bendel Type):  A sweet and welcoming scent that combines a strong
base of Vanilla with exotic florals and a touch of musk. A lightly masculine undertone but the overall
effect is very soothing and delicate.

Verbena (L'Occitane Type):   Verbena is the internationally best-selling signature scent for
L'Occitane de Provence.  Our very faithful reproduction begins with top notes of lemon, lemon and
lemon, with a dash of lime and a touch of peach, all atop a base of rose, geranium, and green lemon
leaves.  A sparkling, lemon-y delight… and a guaranteed day-brightener!!

Warm Vanilla Sugar (Bath & Body Works Type):  A delightful combination of creamy
vanilla, sandalwood and coconut with a hint of musk and amber that absolutely melts into the skin.  
This fragrance is perfect for people who don't like traditional vanillas.  Makes an excellent home scent -
very warm and inviting!

Wasabi Lime (Pier One Type):  Citrusy-spicy blend of Lime, Wasabi, Olive, and Musk.  Super
clean and tremendously crisp.  A must-try for anyone who favors unusual, herbal blends.

Winter Serenade:  Our all-time favorite cold-weather fragrance!  A blend of holiday light, sparkling
snow, fresh-baked cinnamon cookies, hearty clove, luxurious pine and fig pudding... Winter Serenade
incorporates all that is warm and delightful about the Holidays.  Available each year for just a few short

Don't forget:
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