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Gentle and extremely effective, even for waterproof mascara
Green Tea Extract, Rooibos Extract and antioxidants nourish skin
Perfect for all skin types
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Nourishes delicate skin around eyes
CoQ10, Hyaluronic Acid & Peptides fight dark circles and fine lines
Ideal for all ages and skin types
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Gentle, moisturizing treatment for dry, flaky lips
Rich with oils to deeply nourish and hydrate
Gently exfoliates with extra fine, organic sugar
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With 92% Certified Organic Content
Organic Aloe and Glycerin soothe and deeply moisturize
DMAE firms, Green Tea treats & Caffeine gently de-puffs the entire
eye area - especially effective when stored in the fridge!
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Treat yourself to generous sample sizes of all of our specialized Eye and Lip treatments.  Our
Eyes & Lips Sample Set contains one each of the products above in sizes large enough for
several uses.  
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Our Price: $ 8.00