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How old would you
be if you didn't know
how old you were?  
~ Satchel Paige
Extra emollient for dry, damaged skin
With Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Japanese Green Tea & Vitamin C
Perfect for chapped hands and feet
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Moisturizes deeply and absorbs quickly
Organic Honey and Sweet Almond Oil nourish dry skin
Perfect for use anytime throughout the day - this one is my
personal favorite!
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Over 100 boutique and designer duplicate scents to choose from
Our fragrances are Phthalate and toxin free
Our Butters and Creams can be scented with the fragrance of your
choice or left unscented for extremely sensitive skin
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Contains over 30% Organic Shea Butter
Rich with nourishing oils for very dry and damaged skin
Leaves skin soft and protected
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Contains one each of our Butters & Creams in generous half-ounce sizes, plus a 1 ounce Bath
& Shower Gel.  A great way to try everything at once!  
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Our Price: $ 7.50