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About our skin care:
Like most women, I love skin care.  I want a product to work well and  not cost a fortune.  Seems easy enough, right?  Unfortunately, I
found that most products – no matter what price range – made lot of promises but ultimately produced few results.  SkinMax Skin Care
is different.

Our products are made from natural and organic ingredients and have been tested by those with super-sensitive skin.  Our skin care
uses plant-based, botanical extracts and anti-aging ingredients such as CoQ10, Peptides, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), DMAE, Vitamin C
and essential lipids.  You will find the exact same ingredients in high-end skin care lines like N. V. Perricone, Kiehl’s and La Mer.

All of our products were originally designed to meet the exacting standards for high-end spas. We can keep our prices low because
we don’t have fancy packaging or a multi-million dollar store, and you’re never going to see a 30-minute SkinMax Infomercial with a
paid spokes-model on late night TV (sorry!).  We DO offer top quality, effective skin care at a price that you will love.  

About our fragrances:
Fragrance can transform a mood, lift a spirit, trigger a memory and relax the soul.  A great fragrance leaves you craving more and a
“bad” one can ruin your day.  Fragrance is, and always has been, so important to me that since I was a child, I would smell every
single product I used before buying it.  I have been known to buy a product just because it smells amazing, and I have stopped using
some great products because I couldn’t stand the smell.  

I love being able to change the feel of a room simply by using a fragrance.  I love even more the compliments I receive from friends,
family and perfect strangers when I wear my favorite fragrances.  I love that people come into my home and immediately compliment
me on how great the house smells.  These are feelings I want to be able to share with you.  

At SkinMax, we sell high-end fragrance replicas and unique home scents, with our focus being fragrances that are sold at exclusive
boutiques and upscale department stores. We make these amazing scents available for a reasonable price by working with our
suppliers to provide the closest duplication we possibly can.  We don’t promise that our version will smell exactly the same, but we
always compare our version to the original, and if we are not happy with the resulting “copy”, we won’t sell it.  It’s that simple.
Why buy from us?
We only sell spa-quality skin care, bath and body products.
Our skin care products are effective and affordable.
Our products have never been, and never will be, tested on animals.
We have a large selection of unique, long lasting fragrances and high-end designer replicas.
Everything is custom made when you place your order, so you get the freshest products possible.
We ship 6 days a week so you get your items as quickly as possible.
We offer excellent customer service -
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We're always adding new products and fragrances, so please check back often!
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